[thelist] Another (Dreamweave) form question

Chris Rosser chris.rosser at codemasters.com
Fri Nov 28 11:28:39 CST 2003


Try creating an include file (named emailform.inc.php perhaps) with a single


function showEmailForm($sendto) {


<form action="whatever.php" method="post">
(rest of form here)
<input type="hidden" name="emailto" hidden="<?php echo $sendto; ?>">




The email address to send the form to is the only argument - I'm not sure
how your form is structured, but you'll just need to echo $sendto where you
need the destination email address to appear.

Then include this file in every PHP page you need the form in, using this
line at the top (this is similar to using a SSI):


Then, where you need to display the form, do:

showEmailForm('sendto at thisemailaddress.com');

Where 'sendto at thisemailaddress.com' is the address to send the form to.

Hope I've understood your problem correctly - if you've got any questions,
just give me a shout.


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Hi all.

I have got 10 clients that have their own sites designed by my company. Each

site has an identical form on it. Once one of their customers sends it, a 
PHP script - it is the same script in a common area - sends an email to my 
client with the info.

If I change the form on one site, I will need to make the exact same change 
10 times and modify the mailto: information. Of course, I will make the 
change one time, copy it into the 10 different templates and then change the

address information. The problem is that I may have hundreds of forms by 
this time next year.

My question is this. I want to design one single form in a common area using

SSI. Then, I want to have each clients form link to that single form and 
send specific email address as a parameter for the sake of the mailing.

Is this possible? Does anyone have a sample that I could use?



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