[thelist] Diff algorithm in JavaScript

Fernando Gomez fgomez at criba.edu.ar
Fri Nov 28 14:57:15 CST 2003

Simon Perry wrote:

> Javascript supports hashes[1] so the approach I would take would be to 
> create two hash objects to store your form data. Then iterate through 
> the original hash to create a new array of data sets that have been 
> added then again for those that have been removed.

Thank you Simon for the answer.

After sending my message to thelist, I did some more Google-based 
research, and found a reference to the paper:

P. Heckel, `A technique for isolating differences between files', Comm. 
ACM, 21, (4), 264--268 (1978).

Heckel presents there a simple algorithm, which does pretty much what I 
was needing.

I found on the Web an implementation of the algorithm in C, another one 
in VB, but nothing in JavaScript, so I wrote the JS code myself, and it 
is working! :)

It still needs some adjustement in the final part, the part when it has 
to show the differences found.

I post this comment just in case anyone is interested in the code: write 
an email and I'll send it.

Best wishes,


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