[thelist] Form problem

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Fri Nov 28 16:44:16 CST 2003

At 22:37 28/11/2003, John C Bullas wrote
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>At 09:22 28/11/2003, you wrote
>>don't know if you can help in finding a javascript that would allow me to 
>>set up a questionnaire in a client's web page.
>>I've found one that would nees a  server side script (but have no idea on 
>>how to go about ascking the Provider if they ahve others apart from

if you can use this it will work fine! happy to assist if required

Bformmail.pl is a more secure version

both just need a few small configuration
settings if you are running the script from your own cgi-bin

>>So please take a minute to check out:

It looks ok but needs some "window dressing"
in terms of formatting etc. to look better


>>if you can.

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