[thelist] Redirection technique?

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Sat Nov 29 02:31:16 CST 2003

At 01:24 29/11/2003, you wrote
>From: "Bob Easton" <bob at eleaston.com>
>Subject: [thelist] Redirection technique?
>: Seeking advice for a technique that accommodates the following:
>: - Moving and reorganizing a site of about 750 pages.
>: - Not a direct mappng of www.x.com/x.html to www.y.com/x.html.
>: - Many individual page urls will change.
>: - Must be invisible to user.
>: - Must be Google friendly. (301 Permanently Moved)
>: - Must not require changing original page.html to some
>: other file type (.asp, .php)
>: - IIS hosting.

Question 1

Assuming the new site is "up and running"... or is in being designed?

How come the new site has been designed without closer reference to the 
existing one?

If the structure has had to be changed so much to make the x-referencing so 
then so come the pages have to refer one-for-one between the sites?

Are you saying the redirection should just plop the user of the old site 
into the new page
(won't the new page format suggest something has changed?)

Thought, has the site got some searchable tags on each page that could be 
used to send the person
looking for the old site through to the right pages on the new one via a 
find and direct method?

BASICALLY what is the new site offering over the old one and what is 
happening when one of the
old URLs is NOT shadowed by a new page, are you sending them to a "catch 
all - welcome to our new site"


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