[thelist] Redirection technique?

Bob Easton bob at eleaston.com
Sat Nov 29 05:20:55 CST 2003

John C Bullas wrote:

> Question 1
> Assuming the new site is "up and running"... or is in being designed?
> [snipped 5 similar questions]

> BASICALLY what is the new site offering over the old one and what is 
> happening when one of the
> old URLs is NOT shadowed by a new page, are you sending them to a "catch 
> all - welcome to our new site"
> page"?
> FB

My question here is seeking a technical answer.  I didn't come for a 
design interview.

FWIW, the new site is a consolidation of two existing sites that are 
similar but have evolved differently over the past 7 years.  The 
consolidation brings them together under a new user interface, removes a 
good bit of redundancy, and cleans up a goodly number of accummulated 
minor content related inconsistencies.

Bob Easton

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