[thelist] Redirection technique?

Bob Easton bob at eleaston.com
Sat Nov 29 09:49:19 CST 2003

Joshua Olson wrote:
> Bob,
> ...snipped...
> URL rewriting may provide the simplest solution.  You could use it to
> rewrite the requests to the old pages to the new pages (and thusly avoid the
> 301 altogether) or rewrite the request to the old pages to a single 301
> proxy page that will redirect based on the URL.
> Google will have no issues with either solution.  Solution 1 is easier to
> implement but solution 2 provides a more permanent solution where Google's
> references will eventually be updated.
> ...snipped... 
>>- IIS hosting.
> ...snipped...
> In IIS you can map any extension to any scripting engine.
>  ...snipped...
> Hopefully everything I mentioned above is within your current experiences.
> ...snipped...
Thanks for all the advice Joshua. Appreciated! The first few items on 
the list are already well underway and were mentioned only as 
perspective for the redirection question.

The only place I need help is on the redirection technique. If the site 
were on an Apache server, a quick editing of a .htaccess file would do 
it.  But, it's on a shared hosting service where I have no access to IIS 
configuration parameters.  Now what?

Bob Easton

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