[thelist] Redirection technique?

Bob Easton bob at eleaston.com
Sun Nov 30 08:51:21 CST 2003

Ken Schaefer wrote:
> You're going to need some kind of access to some kind of configuration
> somewhere along the line. I'll try to layout the options that I can see. 
> ....
> Option 1) Write/Get hold of an URL Rewriting ISAPI filter ....
> Option 2) Map .html to the aspnet.dll ....
> Option 3) Map .html to asp.dll. ....
> Option 4) Make a configuration change (to IIS' custom errors settings), and
> implement a central 404 file handler (which would allow you do away with the
> individual, old, .html pages). ....
Thanks for the detail on all of the options.  It certainly helps fill 
some knowledge voids. In the end, ISAPI does not turn out to be a good 
option.  This site is on a shared IIS server and the host 
(understandably) does not allow ISAPI filtering on shared servers.  Nor 
do they allow the remapping you describe in options 2 and 3.  I'm sure 
it would be different if the site were substantial enough for dedicated 

They do provide enough admin control to remap error pages.  So, a 404 
error handler is the easiest alternative.  I've found and tested Gary 
Reddick's xml-based handler. While it doesn't have the power of a Regex 
based ISAPI filter, it will do the job.

Thanks again. I appreciate knowing more about the options.

[1] http://www.xoc.net/works/404handler

Bob Easton

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