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Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Sun Nov 30 11:36:10 CST 2003

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> Thanks for the detail on all of the options.  It certainly helps fill
> some knowledge voids. In the end, ISAPI does not turn out to be a good
> option.  This site is on a shared IIS server and the host
> (understandably) does not allow ISAPI filtering on shared servers.

I can fully appreciate that their policy is "their policy", but I did want
to put out in the open that you can install an ISAPI filter for single sites
under IIS.  If you use the purchased version of ISAPI Rewrite you may put
the config file in the root of the site and it won't affect any other sites

Just as a side-note too, I checked out a number of different ISAPI rewrite
engines for IIS.  ISAPI_ReWrite stood out in two ways:

1.  It is not necessary to restart IIS when rules change.  Simply change the
file, refresh once to load the new rules (it'll still behave with the old
rules on the first refresh, though), then refresh again to test the new

2.  The documentation includes a lot of information on common uses of the
tool, including example code.

> Nor do they allow the remapping you describe in options 2 and 3.  I'm
> sure it would be different if the site were substantial enough for
> dedicated hosting.

This strikes me as odd.  More than likely the host simply doesn't understand
what it means to remap the file extensions to another scripting engine.  But
again, their policy is just that.

Joshua Olson
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