[thelist] DOM dhtml drives me crazy

s t e f notabene at f2o.org
Sun Nov 30 12:53:36 CST 2003

Hi all,

I've written a clipping script that does a nifty horizontal-scroll 
effect. It works like expected in IE5.5+ and Mozilla.

(hover over the left-right arrows and you'll see desired effect).

But when i put this script in the final site it just *coughs* in Mozilla.

Hover on the "left" link and you'll see expected behaviour in IE5.5+ but 
not in Mozilla. That's really weird. I get no error essage, no nothing.

I've added a window.status to see what was happening but it's no better, 
since Mozilla doesn't seem to be able to compute the element's left 

I'm pretty sure there's something different somewhere but can't put my 
finger on it.

Been fighting with this baby for three hours, and thought it was time to 
call thelist to the rescue.

s t e f

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