[thelist] Konqueror-compatible stylesheet switcher

Jeroen Coumans Jeroen at JeroenCoumans.nl
Sun Nov 30 15:35:31 CST 2003

Our site has three different stylesheet which are switched to via ALA's 
styleswitcher. A small percentage of our users uses Konqueror. In this 
browser the styleswitcher doesn't work. Unfortunately the default 
stylesheet doesn't work in Konqueror either.

After some research it seems that the best solution would be to check if 
the browser is able to perform the styleswitch, and if not, set the 
default stylesheet to 3colums.css. Preferably this setting shoud be 
saved with a cookie if possible.

The main problem is: I'm a javascript newbie! It is my (perhaps naive) 
understanding that adding this functionality should be a relatively 
simple task, but it's too great for me at the moment. Google reveals 
nothing about a functioning styleswitcher for Konqueror, in fact the 
only thing which works is the NN4-compatbile styleswitcher from ALA. 
Converting to this means adjusting dozens of html pages, which I'd only 
undertake if no other solution is possible.

Can anybody help me with this? Also feel free to redirect me to another 
forum if this is too OT for this list. Thanks,

Jeroen Coumans

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