[thelist] Phone Systems for Work-at-Homes/One Phone Line

Gina Anderson gina at sitediva.com
Sun Nov 30 17:18:59 CST 2003

Hi :)

>> In the UK a programmed caller dislpay unit enables you to decide whether
>> pick up or not...by the number displayed

Yep, ours is called "Caller ID" in the US, but my biggest problem is *when*
I decide not to answer the phone or if I am away, everyone (business and
personal callers) gets the same answering machine message. Now, both sides
of my family aren't techno-savvy. In fact, neither my mother nor my
husband's parents own an answering machine...is that NUTS?!!! So they'd
think they got the wrong number if I tried to put a professional message on
my answering machine. It's disconcerting to them to even TALK to my machine,


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