[thelist] RE: Web Site Check Pls

Ryan Tames rytames at telusplanet.net
Mon Dec 1 04:01:51 CST 2003

On 1 Dec 2003 at 8:59, Dan CRACIUN wrote:

I owe a few tips, so i'll quickly add them in ;o)

> Tested in Moz Firebird.
> In 1280X1024 everything looks fine (apart from the lack of
> consistency: too many different styles that confused me). Under
> 800X600... well, it turns ugly.

> The 4 nav buttons (too large in my
> opinion) drop in two lines and the ebay banner covers part of the
> Pocket Dv banner.

I'm gonna have to check the resolutions now. I fixed most of the
css weirdness, though under 4 browsers, its still not perfect,
with Opera now being the worst, with small spaces here and there.

the logo i'll change, i find it to long. I don't mind banners covering parts of
the logo/site banner.

the 4 'whats new' buttons, well, are supposed to be over lapped a little,
so, they will move more to the left.

I'll probally be changing the logo 2 three layered divs, so i can easily
change the 2 (when layered) background photos and maybe move them around.
Under firebird the logo would'nt load, I resaved the errorful jpeg.

<tip type="browser images" author="Ryan Tames">

Image Will not load in Firebird? Don`t know why?

The image probally saved with errors, you can right click on the image
and view the image properties; Firebird will tell you if the non-loading image
has Errors or Not.

The fix: resave and retransfer the image to your directory structure.

Notes: IE, Netscape, and Opera all will display the errorful image.


> Possibly a browser bug: after you click Art the button with Articles
> dissapears(!!). It's still clickable and it reapears if you click on
> it.

It was a javascript bug on my part. Its fixed now.

<tip type="z-index and javascript" author="Ryan Tames">

Having problems with crossbrowser javascript z-index manipulation?

Appears fine in IE, but disappears in FireBird?

z-index in IE the z-index changes work semi fine from a value of 1 and up;
under firebird and netscape, the z-indexs needed to be changed to
a value of 2 or up.

Sample code:

var val = document.getElementById(current).style.zIndex;
if ( val <= 2 ) val = 3;
document.getElementById(current).style.zIndex = val - 1;
document.getElementById(divId).style.zIndex = 5;


<tip type="positioning and javascript" author="Ryan Tames">

Troubled by crossbrowser (relational) positioned div movement with JavaScript?

In IE you pass a string value 
( ie: document.all[current].style.top  = "+1px"; ).

FireBird requires an integer value  to be passed
( ie:  document.getElementById(divId).style.top = +1; ).

The good thing is a relative integer value works in most browsers:

document.all[current].style.top = +2;

document.getElementById(divId).style.top = +2;

To move the div back is as simple as:

document.all[current].style.top = -2;

document.getElementById(divId).style.top = -2;

[current used here is a global variable,
that holds the 'current' javascript positioned div,
to be put back to position '0']


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