[thelist] Re: (A Great) Plain text editor

Ryan Tames rytames at telusplanet.net
Mon Dec 1 04:35:05 CST 2003

On 27 Nov 2003 at 12:35, Nick Harewood wrote:

[don't have the original message]

> > Does anyone know of a JavaScript editor that is available? I saw one
> > a couple of months ago in a book, but the site was in a foreign
> > language and I could never get it to download. 
> > 
> > Also is there another simple editor like notepad, but with
> > multi-color code highlighting? Other than a program like homesite I
> > mean.

I use cEdit, but their sourceforge web site seems to be down right now.
Other then that, I use XEmacs.

Both offer colour-highlighting of code; XEmacs requires some configuration,
but too, if you know lisp, you could script anything you need.

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