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Ryan Tames rytames at telusplanet.net
Mon Dec 1 04:47:38 CST 2003

On 30 Nov 2003 at 16:45, Gina Anderson wrote:

Hi, I use an old windows 3.1 application called Cheyenne Bitware:

It allows custom phone messages, fax handeling, voice mail,
multiple mail boxes, it even has caller id display, terminal connections
over the phone line ( think: old BBS, kermet, xmodem transmission, etc) etc.

anyway i got it free with my 56k voice modem, and its quite a few years old.

my main problem is, it is not as configurable as i would like (but i think
it would awesome to beable to surf the web from any land line via analog data
connection, or pushing phone buttons, or even voice parsing "search for [recipe]").

> Hi all, need some input on phone systems. I have one phone line and,
> right now, it's not worth paying the extra money for another line
> strictly for business. I work mostly with other firms and my
> communication is 99% email. However, I'm working with a certain client
> directly, who surprises me with phone calls. One Saturday I got a call
> while in the middle of fixing dinner, "yello?"... Hardly professional.
> Making a long story short, I have distinctive ring and now have three
> ring tones. One for home, fax, and now business. Problem is, I can't
> seem to find a phone system that matches my needs. I'm having trouble
> with the answering machine part of the features. If I'm not home, I
> want the phone system to differentiate between a business call and a
> personal call, by the ring, and play a greeting message accordingly. I
> can only seem to find systems that will let me designate a fax number,
> but play only one greeting and do a mailbox thing....which is useless
> to me. I'd also LOVE the system to be expandable, meaning I can have
> numerous handsets that don't require a phone line, just an outlet.
> Anyone have a similar situation and find a nice solution? Any solution
> you found will do, I'm open to about anything right now.
> Thanks,
> Gina
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