[thelist] Phone Systems for Work-at-Homes/One Phone Line

Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Mon Dec 1 07:48:34 CST 2003

From: "Gina Anderson" <gina at sitediva.com>
Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2003 7:31 PM

> This looks interesting, Joshua! Thanks for the link.

You are very welcome, and, you owe a tip.  :-)

<tip type="Continuing Education" author="Joshua Olson">
Being good at "the web" is a perishable skill.  Take a bit of time every
week to read articles about usability, design, technologies, standards, etc.

Resources such as evolt, slashdot, ala, and w3c often times are great
portals to wealth of information--both within and without those
sites--regarding all things web.

Don't be afraid to jump from one article to another by casually surfing on
those embedded links authors and editors kindly pepper in the articles.
It's often more rewarding to surf casually than it is to finish any one
article at length.  Remember, learning should be fun too!

Joshua Olson
Web Application Engineer
WAE Tech Inc.

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