[thelist] Regex problems stripping </p>'s

Rob Schumann roblgs at cscoms.com
Mon Dec 1 08:45:14 CST 2003


Could someone more proficient with regex than I am point me to what is wrong with this.

I'm trying to strip the paragraph tags from markup like this (it results from  inserting paragraph tags for line breaks)

<p><h3>Some text</h3></p>


<h3>Some text</h3>

There are other instances with different level head tags. The first of these ereg replaces works fine, so I assume that the regex for PARA_HEAD is OK.

That for the HEAD_PARA however doesn't work and I end up with markup like this

<h3>Some text</h3></p>

I'm using the following php...

define ('PARA_HEAD', "<[p|P]>(<[h|H]#>)" );
define ('HEAD_PARA', "(</[h|H]#>)</[p|P]>" );
$newtext = ereg_replace (PARA_HEAD, "\\1", $newtext);
$newtext = ereg_replace (HEAD_PARA, "\\1", $newtext);

If however I define HEAD_PARA to be "(</h3>)</p>" and thus specific to /h3 tags, then it does work. It's got to be something daft, I just can't see what...



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