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s t e f notabene at f2o.org
Mon Dec 1 13:15:40 CST 2003

<quote who="Gina Anderson" when="30/11/03 22:45">

Hello Gina,

(and some others in the back, I can see you, don't hide).

When you start a new thread please start a new thread for good, don't 
just reply to an existing thread with a new subject line.

Some of us use threaded email clients, and it makes the reading harder.

Thus the "Phone Systems for Work-at-Homes/One Phone Line" thread comes 
into the "Advanced popup window" thread. And we wouldn't see it if we 
deleted said thread.

Thank you.

<tip type"accessibility">
There was today in Paris the AccessiWeb seminary on accessibility.

Although it was in French some people spoke in english. They all 
promised that their powerpoint slides will be online, so keep an eye on 
this URL, you may read a few interesting figures:

s t e f

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