[thelist] Privacy policy

the head lemur headlemur at lemurzone.com
Mon Dec 1 13:51:31 CST 2003

> I want to write a privacy policy for a new site, but I don't want to rip
> one off of someone elses site .. that would be wrong. And probably it
> would result it something inappropriate and that might miss some key
> areas.

Privacy Policies are a bit of an Oxymoron on the web.

Having said that, If your site has areas that are only accessible by
user/password or some other method of access requiring a internet
connection, the nature and type of information will serve as a guide to
dictate your policies.

Possibile scenarios include different pricing levels which would be
accessible only by authorized users.

Propriatary information on materials, processes, business relationships,

Posting material behind schemes user/password/ IP address/ or any other
methodology needs to check that such sites and information can only be
accessed through whatever method is in place.

It is all well that the user/password dialog shows up, but if someone can
use a site ripper or some other method of accessing your content, perhaps
other methods of delivery are indicated.

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