[thelist] Phone Systems for Work-at-Homes/One Phone Line

muinar evolt at muinar.com
Mon Dec 1 14:44:06 CST 2003

At 22:45 30.11.03, you wrote:
>Making a long story short, I have distinctive ring and now have three ring
>tones. One for home, fax, and now business. Problem is, I can't seem to find
>a phone system that matches my needs. I'm having trouble with the answering
>machine part of the features. If I'm not home, I want the phone system to
>differentiate between a business call and a personal call

Hi Gina

You could also redirect your biz number to a virtual 'combox' or
phone service that answers your calls when you're away. Some even
receive faxes and send them to you by email, in a Jpeg-file. Dunno
specifically about such services in GB though.


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