[thelist] Sporadic access to trading accounts - any ideas?

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Mon Dec 1 19:59:19 CST 2003

At 04:21 PM 12/1/2003, Dunstan Orchard wrote:

>A problem passed on on behalf of a friend...
>My pal is a trader working from home. About 3 weeks ago he found he was 
>unable to log in to certain web sites - on submission of the login form 
>the page just sat there; the little loading bad chugged away but never got 

Shot in the dark. Is he running a software firewall like Norton 
SystemWorks? Or maybe the interal Firewall with XP? If so, try turning it 
off temporarily to see if the problem clears up. Maybe the settings are a 
tad too tight for these sites.

Anthony Baratta
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