[thelist] HTTP 403.15 Error Message

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Mon Dec 1 21:43:43 CST 2003

Authenticated Access (via authentication to the Windows SAM) requires a
client access licence (CAL) for each authenticated user or device.

You can licence on a per-server or per-seat basis. You are probably
licencing on a per-server basis, and everything's working OK when only a
single (or a few users) hit your server. AOL uses proxy servers to get to
your site, and the proxy server can be different for each request. Windows
is handing out a CAL to each different proxy server, and then you're running
into your CAL limit.

If this is a Windows 2000 Pro machine that you are using, then there's a
hard-coded 10 connection limit, which you won't be able to increase. If this
is a Windows 2000 Server machine, and you wish to continue using the
Licencing service, you will need to purchase more CALs (and note that in the
Licencing control panel) -or- buy an Internet Connector Licence -or- develop
your own authentication system (non-Windows authenticated clients do not
require CALs).


Microsoft MVP - Windows Server (IIS)

From: "Cheryl Kautz" <kautz at mibusiness.com>
Subject: [thelist] HTTP 403.15 Error Message

HTTP 403.15 - Forbidden: Client Access Licenses exceeded
Internet Information Services

The above is an error message that people get on a sub-web that I'm working
on.  I put a username and password on the site to prevent the general public
from getting into it.  But after I added the username/password requirement,
you can't get past the home page of the site. You just get the above error
message when you click a link on the home page.  It only happens when you
look at the site using America Online.  It does not happen when using IE or
Netscape browsers.   The site does not use SSL.  It's an IIS 5.0 server
using Windows 2000.  The site was created with FrontPage. The Service Pack
is up-to-date.  What makes it most confusing is it only happens when looking
at the  site in AOL.

Any help, suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you.

email  kautz at mibusiness.com

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