[thelist] What happens when the client requests a bug fix that the developer can't replicate?

muinar evolt at muinar.com
Tue Dec 2 04:05:00 CST 2003

At 21:24 01.12.03, you wrote:
>The client experiences a bug with the application that causes the file
>download to fail. This bug has caused us to miss our launch date by
>quite a few weeks. The problem from our side of the fence is that he has
>one of 2 machines that can produce the error. We have tried with the
>same overall specs and can not produce said error.

Hi Chris

We recently had such a problem with a customer of http://flash-sounds.com/
where the download section is the most important part of the service -
and it turned out that simply the settings of his browser (IE6) caused the
downloads to fail. Maybe this helps - ? (Don't have any further specs
about the settings - it's just the information I got from the customer.)


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