[thelist] Re: Re: Flash/memory question

Ben Morrison ben.morrison at dogstardesign.co.uk
Tue Dec 2 08:37:30 CST 2003

On 29/11/03 1:15 am, "Diane Soini" <dianesoini at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Oh bummer. I was hoping that would do it, but I have no plugins in my
> home library, and the root library doesn't have real player plugins. I
> really don't think the problem is my scripting since I haven't done
> anything very complicated, and since the problem is when I'm working on
> the .fla as well as viewing .swfs in the player/browser.
> Giving it a rest seemed to help a bit, though, and saving often seems
> to free up some memory.

Have you looked through all the macromedia support options:


There maybe something in there of use...


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