[thelist] Re: What happens when the client requests a bug fix

Lewis Francis lewis at lewisfrancis.com
Tue Dec 2 10:33:36 CST 2003

> The client experiences a bug with the application that causes the file
> download to fail. This bug has caused us to miss our launch date by
> quite a few weeks. The problem from our side of the fence is that he 
> has
> one of 2 machines that can produce the error. We have tried with the
> same overall specs and can not produce said error.

Chris, I've often found tracked down upload/download problems to the 
client's proxy server.  Some have file size limitations that trick you 
into thinking the problem is intermittent, when in fact the successful 
xfers simply fell under the trigger threshold.

Talk to the client's IT department to see if they are running a proxy 
server, and if there are alternates or even if the proxy can be 
disabled for testing purposes.

Good luck!


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