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Scott Brady evolt at scottbrady.net
Tue Dec 2 12:10:55 CST 2003

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> From: Alida Ladak <Alida_Ladak at otpp.com>

> I can't decide between using:
>  - three drop down boxes for the date, month & year respectively
> (personally, I don't like drop downs that offer more than a dozen options -
> - I'd rather enter in the date than find the number in a list of 31)
> - using one text box for the date, and two drop down boxes for the month
> and year (my instinct says it's bad design to mix the two formats)
> - three text boxes with "dd" "mmm" "yy" within to guide the user (b/c the
> user can enter any year, this is least preferable)

I don't know if it's more "usable" in general, but I prefer just entering the date in one text box.  Of course, validation on this is more difficult (particularly if you have American and English visitors, both of whom use different formats).  (Of course, you can guide them with a suggested format (such as "mm/dd/yyyy").


Scott Brady

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