[thelist] ColdFusion query questions

Kelly Hallman khallman at ultrafancy.com
Wed Dec 3 09:59:04 CST 2003

Just a couple of quick/easy CF questions (long story, but I'm hacking a CF 
version of another web app very quickly, and I don't know CF)...

I understand how to run a query with CFQUERY, and how to output the 
results with CFOUTPUT ... how do I check/manipulate the results, and/or 
know if there were any results, or if there was a query error?

For instance, if I want to SELECT and see if there was any matching rows?  
How do I loop/test them without outputting them? What if I did an INSERT
that failed due to a table constraint, how do I test for that?

By the way, this is CF version 5 on Linux.
Thank you very much!!

Kelly Hallman
// Ultrafancy

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