[thelist] Webcam software

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Wed Dec 3 12:19:37 CST 2003

At 16:18 03/12/2003, Simon Wheatley (lists email) wrote
>John C Bullas (soton.ac.uk relay) wrote:
>>I'm looking for a bit of free software automatically upload via FTP the
>>output of my webcam (watching a building site!)..... ideally with review 

tx for this... however...

from the site:

October 20th 2002:
I am not working on Pryme anymore.
Instead, I am working on a new webcam program
called TinCam. The TinCam homepage is here: 

will try there....


>I use Pryme, which is free.
>Good luck studying your builders!

More interested in the concrete formwork.....


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