[thelist] ColdFusion query questions

Chris Johnston chris at fuzzylizard.com
Wed Dec 3 12:58:14 CST 2003

Kelly Hallman wrote:

>For instance, if I want to SELECT and see if there was any matching rows?  
>How do I loop/test them without outputting them? What if I did an INSERT
>that failed due to a table constraint, how do I test for that?
As far as I know, if any sql query fails, for whatever reason, you get 
this wonderful and ugly CF error page telling what happened. At least, 
that is all that I have ever received from an error. There are ways of 
handling errors more gracefully though.

As for failing due to a constraint in the DB, I am not sure. As far as I 
know, there is no return value from the cfquery tag that you can check 
to ensure the query succeeded. (Could be wrong about that though).


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