[thelist] E-commerce: Sales Tax lookup service

Brian W. Reaves brian at brianreaves.com
Wed Dec 3 14:20:18 CST 2003

If you use Amazon or Wal-Mart online and make a purchase you may have 
noticed you pay sales tax for every transaction. As mentioned below 
about location, Wal-Mart probably has a store in your state, thus they 
are supposed to charge tax. Amazon, unfortunately, feels the need to 
charge tax even if they don't have a store in your state.


Joshua Olson wrote:

> Barrett,
> There are a couple things that will help with this:
> 1.  Make sure you are clear on the need to collect taxes.  The basic rule is
> that you need to collect taxes only for orders that are picked up or
> delivered to a state where you have a business or business-front that is
> required to collect taxes.
> So, if you have only one store-front in Georgia, but are shipping to New
> Mexico, the sale is tax free.


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