[thelist] populating a 3 NF relational database with spreadsheet data

Smith, Jason, (C) CSmith3 at dow.com
Wed Dec 3 13:41:03 CST 2003

I have developed a relational database from a spreadsheet and now need to get the spreadsheet data into the tables.  I checked the archives of this list and found info that helped me to get most of the data into the right tables.

Now I have one final table to populate and this has a unique problem.  The spreadsheet data has a primary key with varying numbers of fields associated to it.  

I could paste the data into the table but there too many items and it is not reasonable to do so.  I am a stumped as what to do next.  Here is an example of the spreadsheet data and another example of the target table.

Thanks for any help..........
ID	Field1		Field2		Field3		Field4		Field5		Field6
1	Magnolia 	Cold Bed 	Jenny Brown 	Grave
2	Meat 		Not Wrong	Web 		Caledonia	Joe		Teller						

(note: the data is tab delimited)

[here is the table]

ID	Song		Position	
1	Magnolia	1
1	Cold Bed 	2
1	Jenny Brown	3
1	Grave		4
2	Meat		1
2	Not Wrong	2
2	Web		3
2	Caledonia	4
2	Joe		5
2	Teller		6
Jason Charles Smith 

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