[thelist] FW: setting LOGON_USER variable

Sweta sweta_gupta at persistent.co.in
Wed Dec 3 23:18:40 CST 2003

Hi there,
   I came across the site
http://lists.evolt.org/archive/Week-of-Mon-20011203/062980.html. Even i am
trying to set LOGON_USER. I want to ask is LOGON_USER a server variable or
an IE/Netscape browser's variable??? Also, is there any way this variable
can be set explicitly.

   I have a differnt tool for authentication sitting on the IIS web-server.
I want to bypass the IIS authentication and at the same time i want the
LOGON_USER variable to be set.
You have any idea, how can this be done??? (since anonymous logon should be
checked for former and unchecked for latter) Please help.

Please reply asap,

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