[thelist] FlashMX Load Movie Question

Liam Delahunty ldelahunty at britstream.com
Thu Dec 4 08:53:46 CST 2003

Rob Smith Sent: 04 December 2003 14:29

>I hate to ask this question as it is so simple, but I'm not a flash guru. I
>have a button and a movie clip. When I click the button, I want the movie
>clip to load. How do I do this?

on (release) {

the ten is the level (layer) into which you're loading the movie.

>My next question is that I have another button "x" in the movie clip that
>supposed to close the movie clip. How do I do that?

on (release) {

Thee both off the top of my head, so forgive me if the syntax is not exactly
correct. Also in flash there are several ways of loading unloading movies,
for instance, I actually tend to use paths, and multiple swf files, so I'd
have something like:

on (release) {

on (release) {

kind regards,

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