[thelist] Little <img> tag problem

Paul Bennett paul at teltest.com
Thu Dec 4 18:11:37 CST 2003

Rodrigo Galindez wrote:

>Hello list,
>  Im just starting with my CSS issues. I have a little question. In this
>site http://www.cedha.org.ar/desarrollo/index_new.html im using just <img>
>tags to show 30 images (slices of a big image) with no css at all. The
>problem is, when I see the site under IE6PC, the browser seems to render ok
>the page, but when I try it on Mozilla Firebird, it seems to put a "blank"
>space between the images. I don't know if I explained well the problem, but
>anyways you can visit the page to see what the problem is. I don't know if
>the problem is because i use the <br> tag to separate each group of images,
>or what. Is there any CSS solution to this ? Thanks in advance,
Rodrigo - the break tag does seem to cause the line spacing in Mozilla.
A possible solution is to give your content div a specific width, which 
will automatically "wrap" the images to the next line and will negate 
the ned for a break tag.

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