[thelist] Windows XP network help

Sam Carter scforum at iness.com
Fri Dec 5 06:25:04 CST 2003


I don't know why I didn't see your post until today.  Many thanks to you and
to the others who have responded.

The problem still persists.  Here are answers to your questions.

Q1 - This PC belongs to another employee - the company President / (small
company).  Not likely anything malicious going on here.

Q2 - I don't know what offline access is.  It is probably not enabled.

Q3 - There are some network mappings to folders on 3 other Windows 2000
clients.  These fail to login at boot time but succeed when user/pass are
entered at prompt.

Q4 - There's lots of stuff loaded, Office, ACT, nothing exotic to my
knowledge - but I've never met anyone that actually knows what most of the
startup software actually does.  Anything I should look for?

I may need to Format the hard drive and start over this weekend unless a fix
is found.


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At 14:41 01/12/2003, Sam Carter wrote
>We've got a new Windows XP client on a Microsoft Network.  The other 
>clients are Windows 2000.
>It ran just fine for 2 days, then powered down (by itself??).

Did it "fall" or did it "get pushed", could the user have gotten into a

>After rebooting, it tries to connect to other shared folders on the 
>network and *always* requests the username / password to connect.

Connect to the LAN or the shared resources? Is the machine set to single or
multiple user default and is it set to prompt for a password?

Virus infection?

Q1 your PC or does it belong to someone else?

Q2 Has someone set the thing to allow offline access? (will this need to 
refresh on reboot?)

Q3 Has it got anything set up as favourites/places on the remote network 
PCs? (any effect?)

Q4 Have any items on the remote PCs been set to load on boot up?

>Isn't it supposed to remember the username / password?

The LAN I am part of requests passwords when "re-visiting" shared resources
on other PCs after a reboot ( Net is a mish-mash of win2k prof, Win 98SE, 
XP Pro,
everything from 3.0 GHz machines to 350 Pentiums!)

>Help appreciated.

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