[thelist] Easy way to colour a "texture" segregated image

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Fri Dec 5 15:10:00 CST 2003

I am doing a presentation at a tyre technology conference in March
"Designing Roads for Tyres", and I need to produce a coloured
version of a 1960s B&W figure that is divided into zones of different textures
with a key to what they represent....

How can I generate a coloured image ( one colour per texture) other
than by printing it, crayoning in the bits and re scanning ;)

The zones of texture appear to have solid edges in the TIFF image but my
graphics package appears to do "fill" over the whole of the frame not
just each zone...

Anyone who is a "whizz" care to show me how it is done?


             John C Bullas  <jcbullas<at>nildram.co.uk

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