[thelist] Easy way to colour a "texture" segregated image

Damien COLA damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Fri Dec 5 22:42:32 CST 2003

You can do the same thing as with real paper if you use a graphic
program that supports layering

1. you have your main image in the background layer

2. on a new layer on a upper level you paint the area with the colour
you want, hiding the main background.

3. you do the same (one layer) for each area/color you want.

4. you then change the opacity of the layers, at about 70% or less, and
let the background layer at 100%

5. you then can save that image in your software's format. But to have a
standard file you need to generate a JPG or TIFF picture from that image
(file menu, save as, or save as a copy).

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