[thelist] Easy way to colour a "texture" segregated image

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Sat Dec 6 04:02:47 CST 2003

At 07:41 06/12/2003, Joshua Hmielowski wrote
>I have never used that software. Photoshop has many ways to select areas 
>within a picture.
>If you can find something that will select an area based on color or value 
>you can manipulate whatever is
>in that selection. It is not as easy as scanning a photo and changing 
>colors. Once you have selected each
>value and added a color into each of them, you can flatten the entire 
>image and use it however you like.
>anybody know Micrographics Publisher ?


redirects to:


thus they were bought out by Corel...

It was FREEWARE off a magazine CD ;)



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