[thelist] Messed Google's search result

Rodrigo Fonseca lists at vega.eti.br
Sat Dec 6 14:40:26 CST 2003

Hi, folks! I was trying to find information about GoTec's Spy Cam
and tried Google to see if I could get the info I needed. I wanted
information in brazilian portuguese so I would also see the stores
that had the product and take a look at the price.

You can't imagine how surprised I was when the search result showed
me pages and pages of the same website owned by an idiotic teenager
that owns one of these cameras.
The same site is shown until page 11 !!!!!!

You can try the simple search for yourselves:
"Spy Cam" site:.com.br

Include the quotes to search for the exact phrase "Spy Cam".

Google should have a filter for this kind of stuff or do like it
does in most searches, including a "Similar Pages" link with the
rest of the garbage.

He! Really strange...

Have fun!

	Rodrigo Fonseca.

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