[thelist] Illustrator to Photoshop color shift; slightly ot.

D. Bruce Saurer g1notami at zoominternet.net
Sun Dec 7 08:51:51 CST 2003

Edwin Horneij wrote:
> On Sunday, December 7, 2003, at 01:06  AM, Daniel Medley wrote:
>> I create a graphic in Illustrator 8, I move it over to photoshop 7
>> and I get
>> a funky washed out color shift. Why is this and how can I correct
>> this? 
> Are you using the same color system in your Illustrator and Photoshop
> files? You may be pasting an object with CMYK color into an RGB
> document.

Also, make sure your working space (profile) is the same for both
Illy and PS

g1notami at zoominternet.net

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