[thelist] Re: Line of text cut in half when printing in Win IE6

Clive R Sweeney clive at designshift.com
Sun Dec 7 11:31:28 CST 2003

>>>Clive R Sweeney wrote:
>>>Has anyone encountered the problem, when printing a web page, of a 
>>>line being cut in half? By this I mean that the top half of the 
>>>letters print on one page and the bottom half print on the next.

>>John Easton wrote:
>>Yes, all the time. I just consider it another of IE's normal 

>John C Bullas wrote:
>Can you avoid it on your own pages with page breaks for printing in
>page-break-before/after {property}
>style type="page-break-before: always"
>style type="page-break-after: auto"
>"Tables Truncated When You Print from Internet Explorer 6.0"
>Googling was a waste of time... but if anyone has more tenacity they
>find a way around it?
>Nothing on the MS groups..... posted a message though

It may be a normal misbehaviour, but there must be some combination of
markup that "causes" it. 

This came up when one of my clients asked if I could find a solution.
problem occurs about 20% of the time in some of their current
generated pages. I'm hoping it will be okay in a few weeks once they're 
able to switch over to the new markup I recently provided, but since I 
don't know what causes the problem, I can't be sure it won't pop up
I can't *make* it happen on the new pages, but it seems it would be
to know the cause and if there's a solution.

::. clive

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