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Sun Dec 7 12:55:17 CST 2003

<quote who="John C Bullas" when="06/12/03 14:10">

> Hope this is not too off topic... barter in return for usage thereof?

When in doubt, include a tip like this:

<tip type="intranet web development: don't rely on a specific browser">
Whatever your boss or your boss's boss tell you, don't *ever* make the 
mistake again of developing for a specific browser, and relying on it 
only. Don't think the intranet is a static thing with only one browser 
available, and don't feel free compared to the poor slobs who work on 
the internet.

I know of an intranet where all development was done for Netscape 4. And 
of course now they're advocating IE5.5, bundled with win2k.

In a few years they may as well end up using a real DOM browser like 
Mozilla/Konqeror/[etc] and you'll have to redo all your specific 

(this is of course a real-life example)

If you're asked for such a specific approach, at least be very serious 
about pointing out all the drawbacks of such an approach, notably in 
long-term maintenability. if they insist then it's too bad. But it's 
your job to be both a developer and a consultant. They'll thank you for 
that with the next move.

Of course this is a generic tip but you can as well include a more 
specific tip on a very specific problem that's bugged you and that you 
solved, and you feel that maybe someone will read this tip and won't 
have to pull their hair off their head thanks to you ;)

s t e f

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