[thelist] PHP: getting domain names from a url - being foiled by .co.uk addresses

Williams, Olwen - SAL Olwen.Williams at safeair.co.nz
Sun Dec 7 14:31:52 CST 2003

When you get to international domains in general it's going to be harder.  
.tv and .cc are really country domains, and there are many others.  (Tuvalu
and Cocos Islands).  

The registrar for the country I think determines acceptable second level
In New Zeland we have:
.co.nz .org.nz .net.nz .iwi.nz .ac.nz .cri.nz .govt.nz .school.nz .mil.nz
and maybe more
Australia has .com.au .net.au etc (I don't know the lot)
Other countries may or may not use second levels

Olwen Williams
olwen.williams at safeair.co.nz

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> Not so tricky at all. Assuming that there are a set number of top-level 
> domains (com, gov, net) and that there is a set number of characters 
> (".", I think is the only one) that begin the TL name, do a string 
> processing routine that looks for the "." and the TL domain such as 
> "com". Take those four characters and all of the ones back to the "."

Well that would work except for the .uk.com type domains and the recent 7 
new additions.

here's some of the trickier ones:


couldn't you do a DNS look up and store the IP address instead?


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