[thelist] site check please

Paul Bennett paul at teltest.com
Sun Dec 7 20:56:45 CST 2003

Hi there Evolters,
We have a site preparing to go live soon and I would like some usability 
/ download / rendering feedback from people on Os's and browsers 
inaccessible to us.
The site has emerged successfully from a round of independent 
student-based usability testing and has been tested visually in IE 5 
Mac, IE 6, Mozilla / Phoenix, NS6, Opera 7
url is:
(Please refrain from using the site name in public posts if possible - I 
don't want Evolt munging search results!)

The visuals were designed by a local design company and I am concerned 
with some css breaking in browsers I can't test for, as well as long 
download times for some of the background images.
(feedback from non New Zealand people on dial-up would be great)
*Any* feedback is appreciated

Many thanks in advance,

	Paul Bennett						
	Internet Developer				
	Teltest Electronic Design		
Email: paul at teltest.com				
Phone: 64 4 237 4557					
Web: http://www.teltest.com		
Wap: http://wap.teltest.com			

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