[thelist] Preventing spam spiders from reading mailto links.

Philip Weller themanhimself at philipweller.com
Sat Dec 6 23:13:38 CST 2003

Hello, all.

Recently, while admiring the HTML on a site I was visiting (as Web geeks
often do) I noticed that they were hiding their e-mail address from spam
bots by rendering it in escaped character entities.  I've since implemented
this technique in my just launched personal site (www.philipweller.com).

I was wondering if those of you much more experienced than myself might have
some real-world feedback as to the effectiveness of this technique.  Are
there any techniques you use and can recommend?  (I'm aware of Daniel
Benjamin's Hiveware Enkoder (http://hiveware.com/enkoder_form.php) and think
he's providing a wonderful service, but I've chosen not to use it because it
relies on JavaScript and won't work for users who've disabled it.)

Many Thanks,
Philip Weller

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