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Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Mon Dec 8 04:18:38 CST 2003


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From: "Paul Bennett" <paul at teltest.com>
We have a site preparing to go live soon and I would like some usability
/ download / rendering feedback from people on Os's and browsers
inaccessible to us.
The site has emerged successfully from a round of independent
student-based usability testing and has been tested visually in IE 5
Mac, IE 6, Mozilla / Phoenix, NS6, Opera 7 -->

Basically it seems to work ok, and fast enough.
I was suprised that the font-size couldn't be varied in ie6
(ctrl+mousewheel) on the inside pages though, as it was definately too small
for people with bad eyesight or large monitors/resolutions.
I'm not so mad about the splashpage either, it's kind of inconsistant with
the rest, and out of balance.
The woman with her head chopped off really jars somewhere, the
'International Students' foto looks much more enhancing, even with their
cheesy grins :o)
Personally I would have gone for either fixed-width, centered on the page,
or liquid design. This is liquid top, with fixed-width content, giving a
slightly disjointed CMS-look, especially at large browser size.
I'm not all that keen on the olive coloured thatch either, wouldn't a
different color have livened it up a bit, and complemented the blue and red

It worked fine in all browsers I tried, with or without javascript, flash
etc, and was usable on opera's PDA simulator.



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