[thelist] Help with Javascript

Dan dleonard56 at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 8 21:02:48 CST 2003

Hi all,

I'm charged with the task of redesigning my church's web site, but know 
just enough about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to get myself into trouble! 
I'm using JavaScript for a fading text effect when a user mouses over 
the navigation bar (it's a script I got from a DHTML library web site). 
The effect seems to be working fine for me in Mozilla1.5, IE5+, Opera7, 
Safari, and even NN4.72, but I'm getting the text doubled up on top of 
itself when I view it in IE5.2 for Mac. Could someone well-versed in 
JavaScript take a look at the script to see if something's amiss with my 
implementation of the script?

web site-- http://www.gentleshepherdmcc.com/redesign/draft5.htm
javascript-- http://www.gentleshepherdmcc.com/redesign/js/textfader.js

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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