[thelist] site check please

Andy Budd andy at message.uk.com
Tue Dec 9 04:54:05 CST 2003

Paul Bennett wrote:

> We have a site preparing to go live soon and I would like some 
> usability / download / rendering feedback from people on Os's and 
> browsers inaccessible to us
> http://www.teltest.co.nz/r.php
> (Please refrain from using the site name in public posts if possible - 
> I don't want Evolt munging search results!)
> The visuals were designed by a local design company and I am concerned 
> with some css breaking in browsers I can't test for, as well as long 
> download times for some of the background images.
> (feedback from non New Zealand people on dial-up would be great)
> *Any* feedback is appreciated

Looks really nice.

Couple of layout problems on Safari.

On the home page

The bottom of the Future Student's box doesn't line up with the bottom 
of the blue box at the top (and it looks like it should).

There is a white gap between the pic of the man and the pic of the 

There is a strange blue line across the bottom of the layout.

Other pages

On some of the pages (e.g. Whakatauki and Values) the blue "swoosh" 
containing the words future students, no longer lines up with the blue 
bar at the top.

Andy Budd


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