[thelist] Site check - with a twist

Chris Brody subscriptions at cbrody.com
Thu Dec 11 23:52:23 CST 2003

Gary McPherson wrote on 12 December 2003 03:19:

>> To make it easier for me to print off and present, could any willing
>> reviewers present their views under the following categories:

In reverse order:

>> 5. Miscellaneous

This is a live proffesional sight? Mabye they should employ a poofreader
(not to mention a web desiner) -- prefferably someone who knows the
difference between an everyday principle and a principal principle.

>> 4. Aesthetics

Centred text is ugly and difficult to read. Oh wait, only some of it is
centred. And there's lots of BOLD and m u l t i - c o l o u r e d effects
too! And loads of unused space above the fold!! Lovely! I want one now!!!!
Oh wait, what are they selling? Oh yes, the expanding and contracting gif
explains it all so well. How did I miss that beautiful work of art?

Database results look nice, apart from the missing images. ;)

>> 3. Accessibility

In one word: frames.

>> 2. Usability

The Java applet captioned "FAST" took several minutes to load over my 512kB
connection. The one entitled "EASY" in easy-to-read cyan has not loaded yet.
Irony is not dead, at least in Ilford it seems! The page links (as
mentioned) are not initially visible (Mozilla 1.5) I assume this is
intentional. You didn't really want people visiting the other pages did you?
Wait a minute, are there actually any other pages?? Oh yes, I see they
opened in a new window -- thanks, I could do with more windows! Such a pain,
site visitors: if only they would just go away. But then, I'm sure they

>> 1. Functionality



n.b. If you get any work out of this we all get a cut, yes?

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