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Ryan Tames rytames at telusplanet.net
Fri Dec 12 09:48:21 CST 2003

On 9 Dec 2003 at 12:09, Stephen Rider wrote:


I don't know. My site just got listed in google a few days ago,
and I find I'm in the number 5 spot for 'shareware+chroma+keying'.

pretty cool. However, I optimized it for 'multimedia software', i betya
i did it way to spammy. so i'm gonna change that.

as a side note, it looks as though link organization does a world of good.

heh pretty exciting.

> Hi evolters --
> I work for a company that has had a website for a number of years. 
> We've never had _great_ ranking on Google, but we've always been
> there.
> The boss-man is absolutely driven to raise the rankings in search
> engines (I explained to him that Google's entire business model
> depends on web coders not being able to directly manipulate the
> rankings, but he doesn't want to hear it...), so he keeps insisting
> that I keep tweaking word order in Title tags and such, in a vain
> attempt to find the perfect "keyword" optimization.
> In an attempt to help this issue (and several other such as browser
> compatibility), I rewrote the site about six months ago using pure
> XHTML and CSS, which among other things majorly increase the
> content-to-noise ratio of the pages, improved structure, etc....
> We've hovered around 80th place when searching for the phrase "chicago
> apartments" (it's primarily a building management company).  Google
> redesigned their algorithm in November, and suddenly the page is
> nowhere to be found!  It pops up if I search very specifically (as in
> the specific company name) so we're still in the database, but we
> don't show up anywhere under various types of keyword searches.
> Here is the site:
> <http://www.realtymort.com/>
> I thought the site was well done in terms of readabiloity to search
> engines and such, and I'm not doing anything blatantly "spammy",
>   Am I missing something?  Is there something I'm doing horribly wrong
> here?
> Notes:
> 1) The Site Map is brand-spanking new (as in, "yesterday"), so that's
> not part of the issue.  I added that in attempt to alleviate the
> problem.  Bad move or good move?
> 2) There are two domains pointing to the same site, so that may be
> part of the problem (but wasn't before).  <http://www.aptrentals.com/>
> goes to the same site.
> 3) The words "Chicago Apartments" was recently added to the beginning
> of all page titles... not sure if this is the problem or not, just an
> FYI.  Doesn't seem to be too terrible of a crime, but slightly
> "spammy"
> Please take a look.  All advice is appreciated.
> More generally, do you all know of a good source of "search engine
> optimization" advice?
> Regards, (and tips forthcoming)
> Steve Rider
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