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Stephen Caudill SCaudill at municode.com
Fri Dec 12 09:34:03 CST 2003

--------------- Manuel González Noriega wrote: --------------- 
: El jue, 11-12-2003 a las 18:40, Stephen Caudill escribió:
:: Hi all,
:: Drupal	http://drupal.org
:: - PHP, Postgre (or any Pear supported DB) CMS / Portal / blog. 
:: Pretty comprehensive.  Huge community extending it.
: We are developing a site right now with Drupal as framework. Very
: strong in architechture, code, community, features and ambition.
: Without knowing your requirements, i'd bet it can fulfill a lot
: of them. --
: Manuel González Noriega
: Simplelógica, construcción web
:     URL: http://simplelogica.net
:     EMAIL: simplelogica at simplelogica.net
:     TELEFONO: (+34) 985 22 12 65
: Logicola es el weblog de Simplelógica
: http://simplelogica.net/logicola/ 

Thanks Manuel,

  Drupal is indeed one of my top choices at this point.  Any 
limitations you've found in the software?  Any gotchas?  I'd 
appreciate anything you could tell me about it.  I've previewed the
administration panel[1] and it seems a bit cryptic, what with the
taxonomies and vocabularies.

  Does anyone else have any suggestions?  I'd still like some 
feedback on:

eZpublish:	http://www.ez.no/
Nucleus:	http://www.nucleuscms.org/
Bitflux:	http://bitflux.ch/developer/cms/
	-- and --
GeekLog:	http://www.geeklog.net/

My requirements are:
- Clean code
- Tableless layout
- GNU licensing (or similar)
- Good support for static pages
- Community building features
	- collaborative authoring
	- forums
	- blogging (rss, commenting)
- Shopping Cart (not a biggie as long as one can be integrated)

Any and all feedback is much appreciated :)


[1] http://opensourcecms.com/
(excellent site with most common open source CMS's installed on demo

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